Welcome Back

We have begun the process of reopening our office in Beverly Hills. Our decision has been thought through carefully following guidance from our local government and governing dental authorities. Our new COVID-19 precautions will reshape the provision of care to ensure the safety and well being of our patients and staff.

While some things may be different, the goal to provide exceptional aesthetic dentistry remains the same. We are excited to welcome you back and look forward to new reasons to smile moving forward.

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Dr. Sam Saleh is a world-renowned cosmetic dentist who is licensed and practices in both Southern California and London. He aims to provide exceptional dental work using state of the art technology to bring out the best in every smile. Dr. Saleh was educated at the prestigious King’s College of London where he gained an acute eye for cosmetic dentistry. He is a pioneer in No-Prep Veneers and Conservative facial aesthetic dentistry. Dr. Saleh is former faculty at UCLA School of Dentistry and a member of ADA and LADS. He was awarded one of America’s Best Dentists with recognition in leadership of aesthetic dentistry.
Dr Saleh has been featured in Allure, LA times , Hollywood Reporter, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal among other national and international publications. He has made appearances on CNN, The Doctors, Extra, KCal9 News and Tyra Banks Show.


"The key to a successful outcome is an understanding of the patient's face. The shape, size and color of the teeth should create an enhancement without being too overwhelming to result in a distraction."
- Dr Sam Saleh
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