Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will all my natural teeth will be gone, if I get veneers ?

I specialize in no-prep and minimal-prep veneers. This essentially means that I remove the minimal tooth structure required for the thickness of the porcelain veneers. The digital technology utilized in my practice makes it possible to design the teeth with extraordinary precision ahead of time. Since I know the end result before the preparation, I am able to be specific and conservative with any removal of natural tooth structure.

2. Do you have to get veneers on all your teeth ?

As a facial aesthetic dentist, each patient I work with presents a unique canvas to create a smile that is distinctive to their individual features. I aim to achieve a result that is both beautiful and functional. For some patients, that may mean they need an individual tooth worked on; for others, it may require a full mouth reconstruction. As an average, I would say 10 veneers on the upper arch are most common.

3. What material do you use for veneers, and do they stain?

The longevity and aesthetics of the veneers are directly proportional to the quality of the materials used, as well as, its fabrication process. I am fortunate to have a dedicated team of laboratory technicians and master ceramicists who work exclusively for me in my in-house laboratory. This way, I control the process from beginning to end ensuring high-quality function and aesthetics. I work exclusively with various forms of porcelain which are custom glazed. This makes the material impervious to stains, unlike natural tooth structure which continues to absorb stains as we age.

4. Will my teeth become sensitive to hot / cold?

Sensitivity after placement of veneers depends highly on the individual patient and his/her pre-existing conditions of the teeth. In our experience, those patients who do experience sensitivity find it is for a short period and does not require further treatment. In many cases, patients who experienced sensitivity from their natural teeth reported that after completing porcelain veneer treatment, it greatly reduced their sensitivity to hot/cold over the long term.

5. Is the process reversible?

While the preparation is minimal, it is true that the treatment cannot be reversed.

I, therefore, provide a thorough and comprehensive evaluation and treatment planning phase for all my patients. This results in their ability to make an informed decision that they can confidently commit to without regret.

Truthfully, it’s never occurred that a patient wanted to reverse treatment. The before and after transformation is quite remarkable. Most patients comment that they feel they have the teeth and smile they were “always meant to have.”

6. Will my teeth will look unnatural and "too perfect”?

My philosophy towards aesthetics is objective. I see my role as delivering a smile that my patients want, therefore, communication is a key factor in the process. Our initial consultation will last between 1-2 hours of discussion followed by the creation of a model. The model will depict the new size, shape, and texture of the teeth. I place the new design in the mouth in the form of temporary veneers and/or crowns. I feel this gives my patients the best insight into their new smiles. My patients are able to give me specific feedback with respect to the design, as well as, allow me to fine-tune the teeth into the smile of their dreams.

Once we have agreed to the final details, my exceptional team of dedicated master-ceramists brings the design to life in porcelain. This is done utilizing award-winning technology and artistry to create natural facial-aesthetic results.

7. How much of an investment are they?

As with any self-enhancement, porcelain veneers are an investment towards your overall oral health and systemic well-being. The true value, in my opinion, is the added confidence it brings. Many of my patients have reported life-changing results both professionally and personally.

A large number of my patients started their journey following my work on social media. For some, it takes years to allocate the necessary resources to make their dream a reality. My fantastic administrative team is always there every step of the way to assist in any way they can.