Dental Guru to the World’s Elite Naturally Enhancing One Smile at a Time

Known worldwide for his achievements in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Sam Saleh, is taking the industry by storm with his highly customized dental services and flawless aesthetic smiles. Awarded one of America’s Best Dentists, Dr. Sam Saleh has been featured on CNN, The Doctors, The Tyra Banks Show, Allure, LA Times, Huffington Post and so much more! As a high profile dentist, he is revered by his celebrity patients for his commitment to bringing out the best in their smiles and precise tooth design exclusively found in the hills of Southern California and parkways of London. Stars like Tamara Mowrey and The Weekend, can’t stop raving about Dr. Saleh! “A good percentage of the work that I do are revision cases,” the doctor says. When it comes to veneers, there is such a fine line between flagrant and functional. Knowing how the shape, size, and color of your teeth will affect the aesthetics of your face is an important part of high-quality dentistry.

Positive reviews for Dr. Sam Saleh continue to flood the media from popular influencers such as…

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Dr. Saleh is adored by all, not only as a true pioneer of facial aesthetics but as a friendly face, a supporter of health and beauty and a steady resource for legendary grins and exceptional dental work. Want a high-fashion smile like Tyra Banks? Behind every great celebrity image is a dentist that understands the unique strengths of each facial feature and the critical role of a well-constructed smile. Dr. Sam Saleh, Honors Graduate of Kings College, Former Member of the UCLA School of Dentistry, and ADA/LAD Representative, has shown time and time again that No-Prep Veneers and conservative aesthetics are paving the way for gorgeous teeth and the future of cosmetic dentistry.

To schedule a private consultation with Dr. Saleh, please call 310.273.0848 or send an email to detailing your greatest dental requests. Mobile consults available worldwide.