Transforming Smiles With Digital Dentistry

Dr. Sam Saleh and his team of highly trained specialists utilize state-of-the-art forefront dental technology to deliver consistently high-quality aesthetic results.

As a pioneer in digital dentistry and no-prep veneers, world-renowned celebrity dentist Dr. Saleh strives for facial aesthetic perfection. With his profound eye for details and his knowledgeable, distinguished dental background, Dr. Saleh is one of the most highly sought-after dentists, offering his patients access to the latest technological advancements in the industry. “Digital technology is the future of cosmetic dentistry, and our team is dedicated to bringing you the finest,” says Dr. Saleh.

Award-Winning Technology

Dr. Sam Saleh utilizes the Award-Winning 3Shape TRIOS Scanner to create 3D impressions of the teeth in minutes. This accurate and comfortable modality is the beginning of his advanced process for designing the new smile.

His office is one of only a few in North America to be equipped with the industry's leading brands of 3D printers and Porcelain Mills. Once the technology has been utilized for the precise and timely manufacture of the porcelain substructure, it is time for Dr. Saleh’s team of dedicated master ceramists to bring the porcelain to life with their world-class artistry, creating results that are functional and facially aesthetic.

“The marriage of science and creativity brings revolutionary results in the field of dentistry”, Dr. Saleh

Premium Dental Care

Dentists like Dr. Sam Saleh are recreating the way we see cosmetic dentistry. The advancements he has made to his practice will continue to deliver ground-breaking results. We believe that you will agree that dentistry has never looked as good as it does with Dr. Sam Saleh, Expert Facial Aesthetic Dentist, and Dentist to the Stars. If you’re interested in learning more about our smile transformations, contact 310-273-0848 today. Dr. Sam Saleh offers both in-person and virtual consultations for optimum efficiency and patient convenience.